Born to artist parents, Julian Marshall is a British artist renowned for his provocative use of light and sensitivity to the subtle moods of his surroundings. After studying law Julian felt compelled to switch to the arts, initially working through the medium of photography. Julian was able to capture intimate moments of timeless elegance and spontaneity. His ability to engage with his subjects on an extremely honest and raw level made him a trusted choice for a wide spectrum of female celebrities, including: Kate MossInes de la FressangeEmma WatsonGemma ArtertonDarcy BussellErin O’Conner and Daisy Lowe

Since 2012, Julian has exhibited his work throughout Europe, in both solo and group showcases, and instillations, highlights include : 'Group Show' Galerie Marguerite Milin Paris (2018), 'Group show' Il Trovatore Milan (2018), 'Shock London' London Design Week (2018) 'The Other Art Fair' London (2017); ‘No Artists No Art’, Lights of Soho London (2017); ‘Fashion For Future’ Paris (2016); ‘Julian Marshall Solo Show’, Whitehall Court London (2014); ‘Julian Marshall Solo Show’, Mortons London (2012)

Julian has also been published in international magazines including VogueVanity Fair, and Andy Warhol's Interview Magazine, to name but a few. 


CHELSEA MIST (i) (2011) 246 x 180 cm 1/1 (+1 A/P)         

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IN THE SERVICE OF THE MIND (viii) (2014) 180 x 246 cm 1/1 (+1A/P) 

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NEWHAVEN BEACH (i) (2017) 180 x 246 cm (+1 A/P)

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CHELSEA NUDES (i) (2007-2012) 101 x 152 cm  1/6 (+1A/P)

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PORTRAITS Ling (i) (1998) 92 x 115 cm  1/6 (+1A/P)

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Note Book


From 1998 until 2017, Julian kept a note book recording technical details, places and names of those he collaborated with, as well as a visual documentation of the work itself. All of this can be found here in the pages of this book. 

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